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Show Me the Sinister Snowman
(.jpg, 659×1000, 296KB)

Thunder Beneath My Feet Cover
(.jpg, 1493X2404, 838KB)

Show Me the Ashes Cover
(.jpg, 1660×2550, 603KB)

Show Me the Gold Cover
(.jpg, 1660×2550, 353KB)

That Mysterious Woman Cover
(.jpg file 1850×2780, 1.32MB)

Carolyn and the Missouri Writers’ Guild’s Walter Williams Major Work Award
(.jpg, 1891x 2176, 529KB)

Carolyn at Malice Domestic Signing
(.jpg, 1919×2193, 417KB)

Show Me the Deadly Deer Cover
(.jpg file, 1650×2550, 325KB)

Show Me the Murder Cover
(.jpg file, 1650×2550, 325KB)

Chesapeake Crimes 3 Cover
(.jpg file, 400×400, 44KB)

Bad Hair Day Cover
(.jpg file, 2000×3000, 427.6KB)

The Feedsack Dress
(.jpg file, 2000×3040, 525.3KB)

Carolyn Mulford 1
(.jpg file, 1360 x 2048, 590KB)

Carolyn Mulford 2
(.jpg file, 3000 x 4517, 994 KB)

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