These questions may spark ideas for readers in a classroom or a library. They also serve well for a young reader and a grandparent.

1. Why does Veronica make fun of “feedsack kids”? Do you hear anyone labeling fellow students with a modern term?

2. Every person in Gail’s family looks forward to something different when the farm gets electricity. What would you miss most if you didn’t have electricity at home?

3. When Gail is humiliated in front of the crowd at the fair, she blames Red. Why didn’t he help her? Who was right?

4. Gail took detention rather than say she was sorry for what she had done. Why did she finally apologize? Would you have apologized when given detention?

5. Gail had to decide which dress to wear to give her speech. What advise would you have given her?

6. Gail and her new friends campaign hard even though they have little chance of winning. Was the effort worth it?

7. If you were Gail, would you continue to wear the feedsack dress after the book ends?