1. How does Annalynn react when the state trooper tells her the sheriff’s department must handle the homicide? Why does she change her mind the next day?
  2. Why does Phoenix agree to stay with the widow overnight?
  3. Phoenix doesn’t hesitate to lie to suspects and others. Do the ends justify her means?
  4. Phoenix suspects almost everyone. Which characters did you suspect?
  5. What happens in Vandiver County when word leaks out that a deer killed a hunter?
  6. What does Phoenix think of Connie’s investigative skills? Of Connie’s desire to learn to use a gun?
  7. Following up after Annalynn’s interviews with Tommy Ray and Jericho, Phoenix approaches the young men differently. Why?
  8. What skill does Achilles display from his DEA training? How does it help solve the homicides?
  9. Why and how does Phoenix protect Tammy Kay from the law? From the killer?
  10. Why do Annalynn and Phoenix make such an effective team?