Jumpstarting the Stalled Plot — 4 Comments

  1. Good post. One thing I have learned is that sometimes by giving a minor character something more to do, they help the plot — and get more lines! And if the plot stalls, sometimes I just write MORE LATER and then skip to the next chapter.
    I also think when the plot stalls, it’s your muse saying, “you’re getting boring!”

  2. Carolyn, you make good points. As a cozy writer I don’t have a much actual action as Phoenix has – love her, by the way – since my main protagonist is a gardener and only falls into getting involved. Her love interest, however, is the police chief, who does more of the investigating, not that she doesn’t play Miss Marple sometimes. I give my characters personal challenges and also unearth clues or red herrings throughout my books. I know my critique partners keep telling me after each chapter I send that they can’t wait until the next chapter and hurry up and get it written.

    I’m looking forward to your book coming out in December. I’m glad Five Star finally went beyond to the one new book every two years schedule they used to have.

  3. As long as you keep readers eager to move on, the type of action doesn’t really matter.

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