Why Readers and Writers Love Mysteries — 9 Comments

  1. You hit the major reasons why people read and write mysteries. Modern literary fiction often dispenses with plot to explore psyches, but from the time we are children, we like stories with plots.

  2. Great blog and right on. I love trying to figure out the “who done it”. Love to figure it out, but love to be surprised too. The series mysteries are my favorites because I am following the characters as the grow and go through life. Thanks for the “Show Me” series and I especially like your young reader book, “Thunder Beneath My Feet” Not a series but great historical fiction.

  3. Mysteries are just plain fun. Lit fic is often not. Mysteries often end ”happily”, ie with the justice you spoke of. And even those in series are often tending towards some happy-ish resolution: Maron’s Deborah marrying at long last, for instance. Lit fic? depressing endings are “more literary”?

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