Starting My New Mystery — 4 Comments

  1. A very interesting and comprehensive process. Since I’m now writing on a three book contract, I think i’ll steal some of your planning and ideas to help me meet my deadlines. Thanks very much for telling us how you work.

  2. Okay, I’ve done those four steps so why can’t I get that first chapter started? Is it because I’m still trying to edit and revise book three? Is it because I was concentrating on my poetry to send to numerous contests within The Ohio Poetry Day Contest? Is it because I write a blog every week and need to send it for review before posting as well as review everyone else’s blog? Is it because I belong to two book clubs, deliver Mobile Meals, belong to several writing groups? Is it because I’m overwhelmed with gardening; mowing, weeding and planting right now? Is it because I have too many critters that need my attention? Anyway, one of these days I am going to start that first chapter. In fact, this morning on my daily walk with my adorable collie, Maggie, one of my critters, I worked out the beginning scene in my head, but before I could write it down, I needed to finish my blog for this coming Thursday and work on all those weeds.

    • Until the first chapter becomes the first priority, it won’t get written. That said, working out the scene during your walk is a great start.

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