Guest Post: Judy Hogan on Grace: A China Diary, 1910-16 — 2 Comments

  1. Grace: A China Diary, 1910 -1916 was very helpful to me personally. I have the Bipolar illness Judy Hogan’s mother was looking for in her two daughters. Judy and I are first cousins. When I became sick in 1969 I longed for the answers this book now provides me. I love Chinese history particularly because of our grandparents who spent their early married lives there, as well as our great grandparents. Judy Hogan has done a tremendous amount of research in putting the pieces of the puzzle together about our grandparents. The passion of Harvey and Grace were exhibited in all of our parents, Margaret Stevenson and Dr. Richard Roys as well as my Dad, Dr. Harvey Roys who were tireless in their desire to help people as well as a very keen sense of humor.

  2. Thank you, Gini. I appreciate it, especially that you wished you had it earlier. So do I, but all the trouble it was, especially the formatting, and nailing down who all those missionaries were, was stressful, but I’m so glad it exists now and might throw light for others here and there. Cousin Judy

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