Vacationing with Jane Austen — 3 Comments

  1. Loved your ‘Vacationing with Jane Austen’ post.
    For a neophyte Austen fan like me it was fascinating to read comments by someone who has carefully read all 6 books. I would (gently) take exception to your description of Northanger Abbey as ‘farce and send-off’ of the gothics. A parody, yes, but a loving one, I think. I believe that in her younger days, Jane loved the gothics of of Ann Radcliffe, Regina Maria Roche, Eliza Parsons, etc. I enjoy them too, including the predecessor of all of them, Frances Burney’s Cecelia despite its length (940 pages.)

    Thanks for the thorough and interesting post on the Austen books.

    • I’ll accept parody, although the book got away from her and went beyond her original intentions. I haven’t read any of the writers you named so can’t speak with any authority on them. My interest is in Austen rather than the period. You probably know that JA took the title of Pride and Prejudice from dialogue at the end of Cecelia. Perhaps only a reader with the patience to read that 940 pages would also read my entire post. Thanks.

  2. I was at the meeting when you presented this paper. We Janeites were delighted; Carolyn’s ideas fostered much comment and discussion. Your ideas were delightful then and are terrific to re-read now.

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